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Bird Feces Misery And Horse Power Exhilaration - Infiniti Fx50 Sakura Blossoms

Bird Feces Misery And Horse Power Exhilaration

31 July 2008

My little French car is broken again. I’m broke but I dream of Japanese luxury.

The new Infiniti FX50 offers exceptional levels of power, refinement and driving exhilaration. Created as a fusion of sports car and SUV, with breathtaking styling, the new FX is a showcase of leading technology. Along with its dramatic, aerodynamic body structure and sporty platform, the new FX features a extensive list of available equipment and technology designed to create an exciting driving experience – including a new 380+ horsepower 5.0-liter 32-valve DOHC V8 and 21-inch aluminum-alloy wheels designed by Enkei.

I think I would have my Infiniti FX50 white. White is the cheapest color but I’ve heard that it’s in fashion now. It would be practical, too, because I don’t have a garage and my current black car is always stained by white bird feces.

Hsas Monochrome Paintings - Ad Reinhardt Monochrome


28 July 2008, Cervera de los Montes

I’m planing a series of monochrome paintings but without any reference to Malevitch, Rodchenko or other heroes of modernism. I’m not involved with art about art and I don’t use any art historical tricks. In addition, I think that abstract art is sinister. My monochromes would be titled Severe (a red painting), High (an orange painting), Elevated (a yellow painting), Guarded (a blue painting) and Low (a green painting). The title of the series would be HSAS, which stands for Homeland Security Advisory System,  a color coded terrorism threat advisory scale used by the government of the United States.

Other scheme for my monochromes could be Rainbow Herbicides series with the titles Agent Orange, Agent Purple, Agent Pink, Agent Green, Agent Blue and Agent White. The Rainbow Herbicides is a name given to a plethora of chemicals used by the United States military in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Nevertheless, maybe its too parachronistic theme and I should stick to the the current events.

Personality Disorders In The Balcans - Radovan Karadzic A.k.a Dragan Dabic


23 July 2008, Cervera de los Montes

When Radovan Karadžić looked like Radovan Karadžić? When he was an intellectual Sarajevo psychiatrist and poet, when he was the architect of the Srebrenica genocide (the story tells that during the killings he was reading poetry), when he was  hiding in the Montenegrin monasteries writing children’s stories, or when he was living under the alias Dr. Dragan Dabić and practiced as a witch doctor in a private alternative clinic in Belgrade? In this last phase, His appearance was totally different than in the early 90's presidential pictures, now he had a big beard, long white hair and enormous glasses.

Sometimes the false appearance is the substance. The airy grey hair was fake. The charismatic look was fake. The poems where fake. Surgeons are not supposed to mutilate people, the psychiatrists are not supposed to drive nations crazy. It’s much more proper for a witch doctor, a curandero - what Mr. Karadžić always was. Not very surpsingly, in his medical studies he specialized in personality disorders.

Riiko Sakkinen's Encyclopedia - Richter's Atlas


21 July 2008, Cervera de los Montes

The German super artist Gerhard Richter has his Atlas and I’m making now an Encyclopedia - a collection of past, present and future source images for my drawing and other works. In the first stage, Riiko Sakkinen’s Encyclopedia will be a slide projection. The first edition will consists of 1000 images but the final version to be published in 2041 will feature 50.000 pictures in 50 printed volumes.

Denis Diderot, the father of the first modern Encyclopedia in 1751, wrote that his aim was to change the way people think. To achieve this he stated that all things must be examined, debated, investigated without exception and without regard for anyone's feelings.

Some articles in my Encyclopedia: Agent Orange, Burger King, Cuba libre, Döner Kebab, Escort Service, Fataway or Food Crisis, Gazprom, HP Sauce, Instant Ramen, Jelly Belly, Kolokol-1, Lidl, Mus ard Gas, Naughty School Girl, Overdose, Pop Tart, Q Tonic Water & Bombay Gin, Rape the Enemy, Strawberry Flavor (Artificial), Tomato Ketchup, Uzi, Viva la Republique Banania, Warlord, Xanadu, Yellow Fever, Zyklon B.

Adolescent Art Lovers - Francois Pinault


17 July 2008, Cervera de los Montes

A while ago, I got an intriguing message from a 17-year-old girl I had met briefly. She wanted to have one of my medium size paintings. “I’m thinking what kind of a deal to propose you. I’d like to trade your painting to something X but I’m not sure if I have anything what could make you happy. If there’s anything you want, don’t hesitate to tell me it”, she wrote.

I know that many young girls are willing to do almost anything for a wrap of cocaine or a bag of Louis Vuitton but I was astonished that they do it also for art. I love the idea that somebody wants my art so much. Unfortunately, it seems that my art works attract only very young art lovers that don’t have cash to buy them. I need more mature millionaires!

Trashing The Utopia - Utopia Mobile Home Park, Nc


14 July 2008, Cervera de los Montes

Utopia is a name for an ideal society, taken from the title of the famous book written in 1516  by Thomas More describing a fictional island possessing a seemingly perfect social and political system. Since then, the term has been used to describe communities that attempt to create an ideal society. Utopia is sometimes used pejoratively, in reference to an unrealistic ideal that is impossible to achieve.

In Greek, utopia means no place but surprisingly it has a multiple existence – there are places called Utopia in the Australian Northern Territory and in Florida, Ohio, New York and Texas in the United States of America but the most mind-blowing location must be Utopia Mobile Home Park in North Carolina. Once, America was an utopia but in ended up being omnipotent trailer trash.

Beer Belly Crisis - This Is Crisis


11 July 2008, Cervera de los Montes

The Spanish conservative opposition had been insisting apocalyptically upon economic crisis for weeks and, finally, the prime minister Zapatero had to use the fearsome word instead of deceleration. I think he should have resisted more. If this is a crisis, what is the status quo in Africa? If I have a quarrel with my neighbor, can I call it nuclear war?

And whatever they call it, I think it's great news. Economy sinks and the consumption is reduced and there’s less shit in the atmosphere. It’s hypocritical to be concerned of the environment and boost the economic growth – it sounds just like wanting to lose a beer belly but drink more and more Heineken (think in green, is the brand’s slogan) everyday.

Thermomix Dreams - Thermomix Tm31


08 July 2008, Cervera de los Montes

I'm dreaming of a Thermomix - the most advanced kitchen robot that is used not only by house wifes but also many molecular techno emocional top chefs including Ferran Adriá. Terraza de Casino's Paco Roncero said in a recent interview that he has 12 of them. Thermomix TM 31 chops, beats, mixes, whips, spanks, grinds, kneads, minces, grates, juices, blends, heats, stirs, steams and weighs food. It does almost everything but I hope it doesn't eat the

I've planned with Dida a Molotov cocktail intervention at FIT in Berlin in September but now I think that I'm going to propose him to do a performance  with a Thermomix. I could cook for the audience some delicious Canneloni filled with sarin and Ebola stuffed turkey

My Favorite Places - Arcadia


04 July 2008, Cuenca

Now people are pondering their summer holiday destinations and I listed my favorite places, though Cuenca is one of the most beautiful towns on the earth. The 4th of July is the Independence Day of the United States of America - a realized utopia - and, admittedly, it influenced a little in my list.

Arcadia, Avalon, Hesperia, Eden, Aaru, Elysium, Empyrean, Neorxnawang, Xanadu, El Dorado, Ciudad de los Césares, Shangri-La, Shambhala, Atlantis, Utopia, Neverland, New Jerusalem, America, Fortunate Isles, Guantanamo Bay.

Post-coital Tristesse - Prime Minister Zapatero With The Champions


01 July 2008, Cuenca

The stylish Spain beat the vulgar Germany in the European Football Championship final in Vienna. I watched the game in a small and old TV in a shabby bar in Cuenca, where we spend this week for my wife’s work. My wife says that football is opium for the people, and refuses to be interested even if her fatherland conquers a big trophy like this. It’s difficult not to agree with her, the Spanish nationalist politicians - including the government - said that this unites Spain and it sounds like a turbo boost for the oppression of the minorities and dissidents.

After the referee’s final whistle, I went alone to watch the people bathing in the fountain of Plaza de España . Somehow, the celebration lookes forced and there was a slight feeling of a post-coital tristesse. I think the Spaniards loved the myth of their national football team playing beautifully but never triumphing. Now in the future nothing else than winning everything will be enough. Only defeating Brazil in the World Cup Final will make people happy.