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Constructivism Destroyed - Cosntructivism Destroyed


27 December 2014, Cervera de los Montes

2014 was a year of constructing. Serlachius Museums built my MuNA - Museum of No Art, a fictional dystopic museum where merchandising had replaced art. The steel workers finished MuNA in June and one month later another construction squad begun to erect a house for my family - now trying to shape a perfect frame for our happy middle class life, which still seems to me as a remote utopia. MuNA was all about money and so is my current life with the mortgage. It's hard to be creative when you are worried about your personal economy. Capitalism is a shithole for artists. On the other hand, it provides an infinite amount of material for an artist like me. However, I envy the contructivists in the early Russian Revolution molding a new, better world. Currently my role as artist is limited to destroying.

Hot Stuffing - Rs Happy Studio Squad


17 December 2014, Cervera de los Montes

"She's so cold, cold, cold, like an ice cream cone
(..)I'm the burning bush, I'm the burning fire
I'm the bleeding volcano"

The Rolling Stones

My studio is freezing cold but I have to do hot stuff - strawberry ice cream de la créme. My solo show at Galerie Forsblom is in February which means about six weeks working time before the shipping to Helsinki.

A friend sent me already season's greetings but I told to my kids that we are going to put up the Christmas decoration next weekend when the school is off. However, I've already made my Christmastide staples - gravlax salmon and spiced vodka for preparing glögi, Finnish style mulled wine. Yesterday, I bought Spanish National Christmas lottery, though I prefer to trust more in my work and the February show than the luck and Santa's sack.

Buzz Force Feeding - List Of Lists


10 December 2014, Cervera de los Montes

I've been collecting lists from websites that publish celebrity rumors, teenage self help, funny facts and cute animal pictures. These platforms represent the spirit of our online age. We live in the world where a wide variety of information and opinion are available to read and watch but people prefer porn and kittens. Unfortunately, the internet didn't make us free. No tool or instrument will ever change the world. The revolutions are based solely on ideas.

One of the most common text formats of Buzzfeed and similar websites is a list. According to Umberto Eco lists are primitive, you can write one even if you can't describe the thing or the phenomenon. Writing lists is fast and easy, perfect for contemporary "journalism". I write lists too in my art.

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Spatial Vocabulary And Spa Language - Carlos Rodriguez-mendez


05 December 2014, Cervera de los Montes

I needed some fresh air and traveled yesterday to Madrid. First I had my nails done and then I went to meet Carlos at his show at Galeria Paula Alonso. His works are something I don't understand but I feel the strength of the spatial and conceptual language he sculpts. When you don't understand the meaning of the vocabulary you enjoy the rhythm and sound of a language. Once you learn to control it, you can't hear the beauty anymore. I like things I don't understand.

Then Sami and his friends picked me up and we drove to the residency of the Finnish ambassador to celebrate the independence of the fatherland. It's the first time attend to this reception during Roberto's post as ambassador and I was happy to see that there were more Finnish food served than before, though I still would exclude Spanish ham and cheese. Naturally, the embassy has Finnish (abstract) paintings on the wall and it should be also obvious to celebrate and promote Finnish food culture in the official events.

In the evening I joined Madrid's Finnish Sauna Association at Hotel Senator's spa. The sauna bench broke under the weight of too many Finnish naked business men. The rara avis of the meeting caught the last bus back to the village before the dinner time.

Capitalist Architecture - Capitalist Architecture


01 December 2014, Cervera de los Montes

Google search engine gives to "socialist architecture" seven million references but less than one million links to "capitalist architecture". Does it mean that socialist architecture has been over seven times more interesting than capitalist architecture although the latter is occupying our urban landscapes? If capitalisms is the best of all possible worlds, why is it not producing enduring design?

In the capitalist architecture the form follows the function - no beauty, no harmony, no comfort, absolutely nothing if it doesn't generate profit. You shouldn't judge the architecture of a society by its monuments but observing the environment where people spend the most of their time - in our world obviously shopping malls and other retail installations.