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Riiko Sakkinen - Ivan Meštrović | Ivan Meštrović & Riiko Sakkinen

By Timo Valjakka

The work of Riiko Sakkinen is based on well calculated and provocative interventions. Employing a wide variety of materials and techniques, from drawing and wall painting to ceramic plates and hamburger boxes he aims at revealing the hidden codes behind seemingly neutral images and displays. The strategy Sakkinen uses is rather unique in contemporary art, but has deep historical roots. He’s the King’s jester, a special figure whose role in the old courts was to express that which could not be said - a moral voice in a disguise of colorful pop art and junk food culture. Sakkinen is one of those lucky artists who hit the spot with a beautiful economy: just look at the two identical images of Ivan Meštrović’s work in the catalog, and then read the titles. See the difference?

Timo Valjakka is Helsinki based curator and critic.

Originally published in the catalog Gemine Muse, Young Artists in European Museums, 2005.

Riiko Sakkinen's project was exhibited at Ivan Meštrović Gallery, Split, Croatia, in December 2005.

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